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Hi and welcome to #TuomainenTuesday! Today we have an appointment with a man who died, ooooh. Hold on to your matsutakes, kids! I listened to this book back in December 2018 and I posted a bite-sized review which I’m re-sharing below. In the meantime, there’s been an Orenda Books at Bedtime episode featuring The Man Who Died, so don’t forget to click on Antti’s face below to find out more!

This is what I had to say about The Man Who Died in December:

Now I did warn you last week when I talked about Palm Beach Finland that Antti is addictive, and if you need proof of that: I flew through the Audible version of The Man Who Died at warp speed. Read at your own peril!

So what do we have here? A man full of toxins and desperate to find out how on earth that happened and who wants him dead and why, mushrooms, a missing sword, the man’s loving wife (or is she), a few Japanese guys, mushrooms, the man’s loyal employees (or are they), infatuation, mushrooms, an axe-wielding murderer in a sauna. And did I mention mushrooms? I swear, you cannot make this stuff up! Unless you’re Antti Tuomainen, obviously, then you can not only make this stuff up but do a mighty fine job of it and even make it believable in all its unbelievableness (Is that even a word? I don’t even care!).

Definitely recommended if you like your mysteries with a healthy dose of humour. And Finnish matsutakes.

Over to Karen and Antti:

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