My Bookish Year in Stats – 2021

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I really feel that one of the best things about a new year is being able to look back on the previous one! I was planning on sharing my favourite books of the year, but I couldn’t narrow them down to a somewhat manageable number and as opposed to the previous year I didn’t seem to have one book that trumped all the rest so I thought I’d just look at the numbers and call it a day 😄

Novels: 79,037 pages across 250 books, novellas and a few comics
Audiobooks: 802 hours across 120 audiobooks

The combination of limited social contacts and the hubby burning the candle at both ends for most of the year meant I spent a lot of time with my nose in a book and it clearly paid off. It can only go downhill from here 😂

Looking at format, I am a bit surprised that my percentage of audiobooks is almost as high as eBooks. Obviously I was well aware of listening to a lot of audiobooks but I thought the difference would be bigger.

I started keeping track of When I was reading. It’s no surprise that most of what I read was set in the 21st century but I’m really happy that I managed to read about so many other eras as well. I used NA (not applicable) for non-fiction.

I was equally excited to find out Where I was reading. England and the USA are hard to beat but I’m very happy I managed to travel to so many other countries through my reading. I used NA (not applicable) for non-fiction.

When we look at Origin, where my books came from, I think I had a nice balance.

Looking at Genre, I’m very surprised that I read almost as much historical fiction as horror, and more than fantasy. Of course I noted this trend in the course of the year but if someone had told me these stats at the start of 2021 I wouldn’t have believed them.

The balance between new-to-me and known-to-me Authors kept shifting to the detriment of new authors, but this is still quite balanced out.

In terms of Publication dates, I’m happy to see about half of my reading consisted of books published before 2021. I did read quite a few proofs and new releases, but I also read my way through books that had been on my TBR, wishlist or radar for a much longer time so there’s a nice diversity here.

Well that’s it for today, if you made it here thanks for joining me and sticking it out 😄 My spreadsheet is ready for 2022, I’m so excited to find out what this new year will bring!

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