#BiteSizeSaturday with a side of meh ft. The Whisper Man and The Furies

Hi and welcome to #BiteSizeSaturday! Today, I’m straying a bit from the beaten track… I’m usually all about spreading book love, but today I’m serving a few bites with a side of meh. So far, I have read some amazing books this summer, I didn’t make a “20 books of summer” list because I wanted to avoid any kind of pressure but I did have a couple of books in mind that I was hoping to get to. And I did get to a few, but so far, quite a lot of them didn’t quite live up to my expectations. For example, there was The Chain, a blog tour read, very hyped, a great book, but I wasn’t blow away, there was a huge contrast between the two parts and some things were rather predictable, read my full review here. So not a big side of meh there, just a teeny tiny bit of disappointment, probably mostly due to my expectations that were way too high. I don’t even dare pick up Blood Orange, The Silent Patient or 55 anymore ?

But let’s have a look at some other unpopular opinions, shall we!

First up: The Whisper Man by Alex North. So what’s it about then? As if you don’t already know! But okay, on the off chance that you did miss all the raving reviews: it’s about a writer and his little boy, a police detective, kidnappings, corpse moths, imaginary friends or they might be apparitions, a creepy dude that whispers creepy things. What went wrong? I had been looking forward to The Whisper Man ages before it even came out, and then I read enthusiastic review upon enthusiastic review, so when Eva (Novel Deelights) offered me her review copy I could not have been happier. A few days later I was feeling a bit sluggish and slumpish and I decided The Whisper Man would be just the thing. Alas, it was not the thing and yes, I had totally set Alex North up to fail. Moral of this story: don’t trust Eva… I’m kidding, just KIDDING! Actual moral of the story: be careful with expectations, they are a bitch! And I know this, but the bookish heart wants what the bookish heart wants and it cannot be tempered. Overall, this is a great book, one that I did enjoy, even love, just not as much as I thought I would. It didn’t grip me as much as I expected it to, I wasn’t glued to the pages even though I wanted to be. After I’d finished it I went to Goodreads and looked desperately for people who felt the same, they were few and far between but I did find them and it was such a relief because I felt strangely guilty that I didn’t love it as much as Eva and the rest of the world. So again, just a teeny sprinkling of meh, because I was fully expecting a 5-star read and for me it was “only” a 4.


I had been looking forward to reading The Furies by Katie Lowe for ages! Literally everyone compared it to The Craft and that was my absolute favourite 90s movie so there was no doubt in my mind I would love The Furies. I saw it pop op on a list of best reads of the year so far, and I thought: this is it, this will get me out of my slump! Kids, it did not. I reiterate: expectations are a bitch. So what is it about then? The new girl falls in with three other girls, they dabble in the occult, there’s murder, there’s teenage angst, there’s teenage love and girlie friendship (including the obligatory blood friendship oath, because how else would you express your love to your BFF ?). Is it like The Craft? Yeah but also not. There’s a scene in an occult shop that’s practically a carbon-copy, but the vibe throughout the book was just off. While there were parts I really enjoyed, other parts felt drawn out or too angsty and my attention kept wavering. At one point, I even found myself pulling out weeds instead of reading, I mean come on!
Overall an okay read, that I don’t regret but that did leave me with a distinct meh feeling.

So, tell me, have you been served an unexpected side of meh recently? Or have you perfected keeping your expectations in check (if so, please tell me how!)? In any case, happy reading, hopefully without any kind of meh ☺

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