All Things Violent by Nikki Dolson #bookreview #Fahrenbruary @nikkidolson @fahrenheitpress

Once upon a time, Laura Park was a normal college sophomore with her best friend at her side. A year later, Laura was on a deserted road on the outskirts of Las Vegas killing a man. 
She didn’t expect to get away with it but she did with the help of a stranger named Simon who took her in, liquored her up, and broke her down. 
Soon the ambitious Simon introduces her to Frank Joyce, a man who would teach her how to become a stone-cold professional killer. 
Laura learns her deadly trade and earns her money. Twenty-six years old and she thinks she’s found her happily ever after. Sadly it all falls apart when Simon leaves her for another. Now some other woman, blonde and polished, all shiny and new, is living Laura’s happy life.
Heartbroken, but knife always at the ready, Laura waits for any opportunity to get Simon back. The question is, when she gets her chance, will she take it? 
In Laura’s world anyone can become a target, loyalties can shift in a blink of an eye, and when everyone is homicidal, people are definitely going to die. 


If you checked out my #Fahrenbruary book haul, you’ve seen that I noticed this book because of its cover: Vegas baby! That entails I was kind of hoping to get some Vegas glitter on me, you know, to have a backdrop that refused to stay in the back and jumped to the front to scream VEGAS at me at the top of its lungs. That’s not what happened, it just whispered Vegas at me very subtly, every once in a while. So in that respect, my expectations were not met. With respect to the main storyline, however, my expectations were definitely met, and the book delivers everything the blurb promises. We follow Lauren and witness her earning a living as a hit woman. It was certainly refreshing to see a woman in this role, proving once again that we don’t need physical balls to have figurative balls!

Although… I would have liked her to have more balls when it came to Simon. I hated that man, using her whenever he saw fit and she doesn’t only let it happen, but she actively contributes to it too. And she knows it! She realises she’s acting like a doormat, she calls herself his dog, but still, she doesn’t change her behaviour. It’s clear that Laura has issues, she’s a deeply troubled young woman with a lot of personal demons to slay, and since Simon was the one to pick her up, to break her down and build her back up and give her life new purpose, I can understand she feels tied to him, and a little indebted probably. And he just takes advantage of that. So on the one hand we have this very confident, ballsy girl, and on the other an insecure, troubled one. And although, as I said, I have some issues with that other side, it does prevent Laura from becoming the cliché of tough-girl-so-zero-feelings, she’s most definitely not a cardboard protagonist.

Overall an entertaining read that you should definitely check out if crime thrillers are your thing.

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