What you know is only part of the story: All the Little Liars by Victoria Selman #AlltheLittleLiars #NetGalley

What REALLY happened at Turtle Lake?
You think you know.
Think again.

California, 2003
A thirteen-year-old girl disappears from a party at Carlsbad’s Turtle Lake. Discovered on the trunk of a nearby cottonwood tree is the word, ‘LIAR’ graffitied in blood.
What you know . . .

Three teenagers went to the lake that night but only two came back. Later, they confess to murdering their friend.
. . . is only part of the story

But did they really kill her? And if not, why say they did?
Told across two timelines and tapping into a horrific crime, All the Little Liars is a novel about toxic friendship, the ripple effects of murder and how we love.


Hi and welcome to my review of All the Little Liars!

I’m going to keep this as short as possible cos I’m actually terrified to slip up and spoil something. Believe me when I tell you All the Little Liars is one you should go into with as little prior knowledge as possible, just dive in and enjoy the twisty and twisted ride it provides.

All the Little Liars is the story of thirteen-year-old Izzy, Plum and Lu, and a life-changing event that takes place one dark night at Turtle Lake, California. It is told from the perspective of Izzy’s younger sister Finn, alternating before, after and now chapters, which are interspersed with newspaper snippets, chat room discussions, short interviews, etc. Put like that, it might sound a little messy but it’s really not. It paints such a complete and rich picture. Moreover, it never failed to trigger me to read just one more chapter (which, obviously, was never just one more chapter). It did make for a very addictive story.

While I do enjoy the occasional popcorn thriller, I absolutely love psychological thrillers that zoom in on the actual psychological aspect of things, which is the type of story I’ve come to expect from Victoria Selman, especially after Truly, Darkly, Deeply, and she definitely delivers with All the Little Liars.

It’s not easy to hit that right note of an essentially psychological story that is also highly entertaining, but All the Little Liars pulls it off. It not only made me ponder the story and its characters, but also myself as a reader, all the while keeping me glued to my Kobo. Very impressive!

All the Little Liars is a totally engrossing, twisty, yet plausible thriller and I had a fantastic time with it. I loved how pretty much all the characters are liars and the more it progressed the less sure I was what to believe. Maybe you are savvier than I am and see certain things coming, but for me, the world went topsy-turvy for a moment there and I had to take a minute to pick up my jaw.Β  I would happily recommend All the Little Liars to fans of the genre.

All the Little Liars is out in hardcover, digital formats and audio on 31 August, with the paperback to follow next year.

Massive thanks to Quercus and NetGalley for the eARC. All opinions are my own.

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