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Cub reporter Jonny Murphy is in Buenos Aires interviewing families of victims of Argentina’s Dirty War, when a headless torso has washed up on a city beach, thrusting him into a shocking investigation…
Argentina. 1998. Human remains are found on a beach on the outskirts of Buenos Aires – a gruesome echo of when the tide brought home dozens of mutilated bodies thrown from planes during Argentina’s Dirty War. Flights of death, with passengers known as the Disappeared.
International Tribune reporter Jonny Murphy is in Buenos Aires interviewing families of the missing, desperate to keep their memory alive, when the corpse turns up. His investigations with his companion, freelance photographer Paloma Glenn, have barely started when Argentina’s simmering financial crisis explodes around them.
As the fabric of society starts to disintegrate and Argentine cities burn around them, Jonny and Paloma are suddenly thrust centre stage, fighting to secure both their jobs and their livelihoods.
But Jonny is also fighting something else, an echo from his own past that he’ll never shake, and as it catches up with him and Paloma, he must make choices that will endanger everything he knows…


Hi and welcome to my review of Death Flight!

Massive thanks to Anne Cater at Random Things Tours for the tour invite and to Orenda Books for the digital proof. It goes without saying that all opinions are my own. 

Death Flight reunites faithful Sarah Sultoon readers with a main character from Dirt, cub reporter Jonny Murphy. Rest assured that while it’s great fun to meet up with Jonny again if you’ve read Dirt, prior knowledge is not at all required to enjoy Death Flight. (But you might want to check it out anyway, it’s a great book!)

In Death Flight, cub reporter Jonny joins forces with freelance reporter Paloma and ends up in more than a few precarious situations.

Sarah Sultoon’s background in journalism really adds a layer of credibility to her stories, and Death Flight was no exception. She writes with knowledge and conviction, weaving factual information neatly into highly entertaining fiction as we follow Jonny and Paloma in their investigations. I do enjoy a reporter angle in thrillers, I love that combination of police procedural vibes with a lone wolf protagonist.

Regular visitors of my blog will know that I love to learn through reading fiction, and Death Flight was an immense treat in that regard, transporting me to Argentina in the late 1990s. At this point in time, Argentina was still recovering from its Dirty War, while also veering towards a financial crisis. I’d never heard of the Dirty War before reading Death Flight, I was shocked, but happy to have been made aware of this dark chapter in South American history. 

I had a great time with Death Flight. It’s a fast-paced thriller with all the suspense and thrills you’d want from the genre, as well as an excellent slice of historical fiction and it does pack a punch. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to readers who enjoy thrillers with depth.

Death Flight is out in digital formats and paperback on 29 February. Order it directly from Orenda Books here.

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