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Izzy is cursed. She has highly developed empathic abilities that mean she can read the emotions of those close to her. And she can always tell when they are lying. As a child she sparked her parents’ divorce by revealing her father’s infidelity. As an adult she has cut herself off from almost everyone except her partner, the only person she knows who has nothing to hide.
But no matter how she tries, Izzy’s abilities cannot be controlled. Young girls are going missing, and the police have no suspects. But when Izzy sees her old school caretaker being interviewed, she knows his story about seeing the latest victim being bundled into a car isn’t true. But why would Kenneth Plumley lie? And when the police won’t take her seriously, Izzy risks everything to discover the truth herselfโ€ฆ


Hi and welcome to my review of No Secrets!

After The Resident and The Rule, what I’ve come to expect from this author is a thrilling pageturner, most likely featuring a creepy bloke. No sooner had I started No Secrets or I could tick those boxes.

Everybody lies and everyone has secrets, and it’s usually not that hard to keep them hidden, but for the people Izzy knows, there are no secrets, she sees right through them. Izzy is something of a natural mentalist. She sort of determines a baseline for a person, based on things like microexpressions and mannerisms, and once she has that, dishonesty of any kind just becomes blatantly obvious to her. She doesn’t even try, if anything she’d rather be rid of this so-called gift that has given her little but heartache over the years.

When a teenage girl goes missing from Izzy’s former high-school, Izzy happens to see a news report in which the school caretaker is interviewed as an eyewitness. To all intents and purposes, he seems quite trustworthy, but Izzy knew him pretty well back in the day, she has his baseline, and she knows everything he’s just said is just a load of bollocks.

Encouraged by her partner, Izzy notifies the police, but they just think she’s either a crackpot or a conspiracy theorist. Or maybe just a silly girl looking for her fifteen minutes of fame. Izzy is none of those things and she can’t let it go. As the days pass and events unfold, she becomes so obsessed that not only she but also the people she loves may be in danger.

Izzy was a breath of fresh air and a fascinating point of view. I always enjoy thrillers with an edge, a bit of pizzazz, a little something that makes them stand out, and that is what Izzy is for No Secrets. I really liked her, I found her very believable as a girl who sees too much and wants to do good only to have it blow up in her face time and again. 

No Secrets had me turning the pages as fast as I could and I flew through it in an afternoon, I just had to know how it would all end. Fast-paced and highly entertaining, I had a fantastic time with it and I would happily recommend it to fans of the genre.

No Secrets is out on 7 July in digital formats, audio and hardcover.

Massive thanks to Viper Books and NetGalley for the eARC. All opinions are my own.

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