Then There Were Five…

Last Friday, Danielle dedicated a post to me on The Reading Closet. I KNOW, isn’t she the sweetest! The idea is to share what fictional characters you’d want to keep you company if you were stranded on a desert island. Well, I must say, I could do with a stay on a tropical island right about now!

So I had a long hard think, and these are the four people I would love to have by my side:

Lori Anderson: she’s a Floridian bounty-hunter, enough said! She can stand the heat, protect me from criminals if any were to wash ashore AND gators (who knows what the wildlife is like on such an island!) and she’s the coolest chick on the block.

Daenerys Targaryen: she’s kick-ass AND she has dragons so when I get bored of doing nothing on a tropical island (probably right about the time I’ve read all the books I brought), Daenerys can call forth one of her dragons and I can fly home ON THE BACK OF A DRAGON! Bet you’re green with envy that you hadn’t thought of that! Before you wag your finger and tell me that said dragon counts as a companion on the island, it does not! It’s not an island companion, it’s an Über!

While I was thinking GoT, I briefly considered invited Jon Snow. Because you know, it’s JON SNOW (wags eyebrows suggestively). And the man does deserve a little bit of sunshine and warmth. But in the end, I opted not to. I mean, he has a wall to watch! And it’s not like there are any wildlings to manage, or white walkers to kill on my island. Sorry Jon.

Then I got to thinking: there might be too many women on this island, and one of them might grow hangry (me) or have a pouty hissy fit at any time because it’s too hot (me), or too sandy (me), or the sea is too salty (still me), so on this island I need a man who can handle hissy fits, and has a calming influence. So I would like to have Bill Hodges with me. If there’s any fictional person able to calm things down with his kind heart and deadpan humor it’ll be Bill. Moreover, I would LOVE to see him spot Daenerys’ dragon in the sky and hear him mutter “Christ on a pony”. Naturally, if Bill’s there, Holly will be too. Though I don’t think tropical islands are her thing and I do think she’d miss her movies, I’m sure we’d have some very interesting conversations, and she would know to respect my personal space, which is a great quality at any given time.

So there you have it, my ideal tropical island!

Who would you choose to be stranded with? Let me know in the comments or join in with the meme! Be sure to tag Danielle and me when you do!

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