The Moose Paradox by Antti Tuomainen tr. David Hackston #bookreview #TheMooseParadox

Insurance mathematician Henri Koskinen has finally restored order both to his life and to YouMeFun, the adventure park he now owns, when a man from the past appears – and turns everything upside down again. More problems arise when the park’s equipment supplier is taken over by a shady trio, with confusing demands. Why won’t Toy of Finland Ltd sell the new Moose Chute to Henri when he needs it as the park’s main attraction? 
Meanwhile, Henri’s relationship with artist Laura has reached breaking point, and, in order to survive this new chaotic world, he must push every calculation to its limits, before it’s too late…
Absurdly funny, heart-stoppingly poignant and full of nail-biting suspense, The Moose Paradox is the second instalment in the critically acclaimed, pitch-perfect Rabbit Factor Trilogy and things are messier than ever…


Hi and welcome to my review of The Moose Paradox!

I had been looking forward to the sequel of The Rabbit Factor pretty much since I turned that final page, so when I could finally start The Moose Paradox, it was definitely something of a heyday here at Casa FromBelgiumWithBookLove.

The Rabbit Factor introduced us to Henri, actuary turned adventure park owner, and when we find Henri at the start of The Moose Paradox, life is pretty good. He has found his feet in his new life, he’s found love, he’s turned the adventure park around and he knows just the thing to increase footfall in the park: the Moose Chute. Alas, one never knows when life (or Antti Tuomainen) might throw you a curveball, and Henri’s luck is about to change.

I could read fifty books featuring Henri Koskinen and I still wouldn’t be tired of him! He is still his mathematical, analytical yet oddly charming and enchanting self. And once again he gets mixed up with the wrong people and caught up in dangerous, slightly absurd and often rather hilarious situations. Don’t read this if you’re looking for a hard-boiled crime novel. That’s not to say there isn’t any criminal activity, or a police investigation, or shooting scenes (or the occasional dead body 😳), The Moose Paradox has suspense in spades but what makes it stand out for me, is the humour. And Henri, of course.

I had a great time with The Moose Paradox from start to finish. I love books that make me grin and snort in a most unladylike fashion, and this author never fails to do that. A fab addition to what is bound to be a fantastic trilogy, I already can’t wait to find out where Antti might take Henri next. Highly recommended to fans of this particular brand of Nordic Noir and to readers who enjoy their crime on the funnier side.

The Moose Paradox is out in digital formats and hardcover on 27 October, with the paperback to follow next year. Pre-order directly from Orenda Books here. And if you’d like to whet your appetite, be sure to come back here next month for my stop on the Random Things Tours, I’ll be sharing an excerpt.

Massive thanks to Orenda Books for the eARC. All opinions are my own.

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