Series in the Spotlight: the Mydworth Mysteries

Hi and welcome to FromBelgiumWithBookLove! It’s been a while since my last Series in the Spotlight post, but I just had to feature this particular series and I had to do it now!

Why? Well, I’ll bet that about a month or two ago you figured that you’d be devouring all the books right about now, yet somehow your ability to focus on a book seems to have vacated the premises, your reading mojo is MIA, and you have the attention span of a goldfish. Sound familiar? One thing that always works for me, present situation included, is a short and snappy read to shake things up. Sure, you can’t read more than two pages in one go, you’ll still get through it quite quickly and it may restore your reading self-confidence and even bring back your mojo.

It’s even better when said short and snappy read is fun, when it has main characters that you can love, when it has a mystery that needs solving, a case for you to sink your teeth into and forget all about the troubles that ail the real world. Which brings me to: the Mydworth Mysteries, a series of cosy historical mystery novellas that effortlessly check all of the above boxes.

At the heart of the series are Sir Harry and his American wife Kat. Harry is the typical English “old chap” and Kat is his impulsive wife, whose upbringing in the Bronx couldn’t be further from Harry’s upbringing with his aunt, Lady Lavinia. They make a great duo, they are opposites but very much alike in all the ways that matter, and I loved them from page 1 of book 1!

Set in a fictional Sussex village in 1929, the Mydworth Mysteries have a rather traditional setting but they deviate from the cosy mystery cliché in other ways, humour being one of them.

I have loved each and every instalment so far, they just keep getting better and I’m already eagerly anticipating the next release. I’m a huge fan of the Mydworth Mysteries and if you like cosy mysteries and/or you need to spice up your reading routine, I can’t recommend these novellas enough!

Support an indie publisher while you’re at it and get them directly from Red Dog Press here! They are also available in eBook format on Amazon, but if you buy those you’ll have to do without the drop dead gorgeous covers Red Dog Press have designed for this series: Red Dog Press have the English print rights, but the German publisher has global rights (and a lot less taste, but you didn’t hear that from me 😉)

Thanks for stopping by today, I’ll just leave you to admire these covers!

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