My Bookish Month of October 2022

Hi and welcome to another monthly overview!

October was the month in which time got away from me on a daily basis. #Orentober, blogging, Duolingo, work, and doing all the stuff that needed to be done around the house and in the garden all seemed to take up more time than expected and I constantly felt like I’d run out of time without much of anything to show for it. I really do hope November will be better in that respect!

Bookwise, October was a pretty good month with me enjoying most of what I read. I read less than I usually do, but like last month I was pottering about the garden a lot, so I did get to spend more time listening to audiobooks.

Honourable mentions to The Diviners, Suicide Thursday, The Secret Garden of Yanagi Inn, The Ghost Woods and The Babysitter Lives, but these were my favourite reads of the month:

In figures October looks like this:

Novels: 5446 pages across 16 books
Audiobooks: 70 hours across 8 audiobooks

And here’s what I did in October and some of what I’ll be posting in November:

What I read:

The Pain Tourist, Paul Cleave
The Fair Botanists, Sara Sheridan
Suicide Thursday, Will Carver
The Secret Garden of Yanagi Inn, Amber Logan
The Creeper, A.M. Shine
The Defenceless, Kati Hiekkapelto
Blood Country, Jonathan Janz (review to follow)
Ceniza roja, Socorro Venegas
The Invisible Life of Addie LaRue, V.E. Schwab
Choke, Chuck Palahniuk
The Ghost Woods, C.J. Cooke
Dragonfly Summer, J.H. Moncrieff (review to follow)
Keep It In the Family, John Marrs
The Blood Traitor, Lynette Noni
The Nightmare Man, J.H. Markert
Do No Harm, L.V. Hay

What I listened to:

The Diviners, Libba Bray
Fairy Tale, Stephen King
The Babysitter Lives, Stephen Graham Jones
Firestarter, Stephen King
Hidden Pictures, Jason Rekulak
Joe Victim, Paul Cleave
Botanical Folk Tales of Britain and Ireland, Lisa Schneidau
The Collective, Alison Gaylin

What I read earlier but reviewed in October:

Close to Midnight, Mark Morris
It Rides a Pale Horse, Andy Marino
Sebastian, P.D. Cacek
The Last King of California, Jordan Harper

I also posted an excerpt from Red As Blood by Lilja Sigurðardóttir and The Moose Paradox by Antti Tuomainen.

Let’s have a look at the books that landed on my lap in October:

A special edition of one of my favourite books last year (I reread Addie as soon as it arrived and I still love it so I’m really happy I got myself this beautiful hardback with spredges), an anticipated Gothic read, two additions to my Orenda collection, and two FairyLoot sequels:

A 99p deal, a preorder that landed, a NetGalley eARC, four Orenda eARCS and an eARC kindly sent by the author:

I hope you had a good month and that you are safe and well! Thanks for joining me today and happy reading xxx

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