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We all know them. Those who exist just on the fringes of society. Who send prickles up the back of our neck. The charmers. The liars. The manipulators. Those who have the potential to go that one step too far. And then take another step.
Jessamine Gooch makes a living from these people. Each week she broadcasts a radio show looking into the past lives of convicted killers; asking if there was more that could have been done to prevent their terrible crimes.
Then one day she is approached by a woman desperate to find her missing friend, Cassie, fearing her abusive husband may have taken that final deadly step. But as Jessamine delves into the months prior to Cassie’s disappearance she fails to realise there is a dark figure closer to home, one that threatens the safety of her own family . . .


Hi and welcome to my little blog where I’m thrilled to welcome back: Deborah O’Connor and The Dangerous Kind! I will be re-sharing my review in honour of this blog tour, so if you missed it the first time around, please read on. If you read it and did not proceed to buy the book: read it again and buy the book!

I read The Dangerous Kind for free via The Pigeonhole. Many thanks again to The Pigeonhole and the publisher, and this time around also to Tracy Fenton for having me on the tour.

The Dangerous Kind tells the story of Jessamine and her daughter. Jessie is very inquisitive and she genuinely wants to help people. She works for the BBC as a radio show host, but she also volunteers at a helpline. Her drive to help people in need is so big that she goes above and beyond and even oversteps some boundaries. But trying to help strangers, and trying to figure out what happened to Cassie, she doesn’t notice what’s going on right under her nose with her own daughter. While the reader is privy to much more information than Jessie, what exactly is going on remains a mystery for quite a long time. I did figure it out, but it’s not obvious and it didn’t spoil the suspense in any way!

The Dangerous Kind tells the story of Jitesh. It’s clear from the start that he has issues, but why exactly remains hidden for the longest time. Jitesh is a hacker but he’s also a really sweet young man with his heart in the right place and he ends up helping Jessamine with her investigation. I loved the chemistry between these two (in a very platonic, non-sexual kind of way) and like many of the other pigeons, I would love to see them return for another adventure!

The Dangerous Kind tells the story of Rowena, a young girl lost in the system, used, abused. Easily the toughest storyline of them all. If you’re looking for a character to root for, here she is!

Finding out how these storylines tie together was one hell of a journey! Perhaps a bit of a slow burner at first, but when it takes off, oh boy, it takes off! I was on the edge of my seat, glued to my phone, cussing every time the stave ended. Although I’m so grateful for the opportunity to read this via The Pigeonhole, this is a book to read in very few sittings. I loved Deborah’s debut, My Husband’s Son, but in all honesty, it does not compare to The Dangerous Kind.

In many ways this was a tough read: Deborah doesn’t shy away from very difficult subjects. The blurb hints at such things, but I was not prepared in any way for what came next. I can’t count the times my fellow pigeons and I were shook, shocked, speechless, tearful, and saying “poor *character’s name*”. A tough read, but well worth it.

Intricately woven, addictive, thrilling, shocking but not in a cheap way, highly recommended!

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