#BiteSizeSaturday ft. My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing & On My Life by Angela Clarke

Hello and welcome to another Bite Size Saturday!

Today, my two bites have little in common in terms of storylines, but they do have one very important common ground: they are both cracking reads that I literally cannot recommend enough! Furthermore, I’ve listened to them both and they are both excellent audiobooks!

First up: My Lovely Wife by Samantha Downing

My Lovely Wife is about a family of four in the suburbs in Florida. It’s about gin tonic, tennis, real estate and keeping up appearances. It’s about a total lack of sisterly love, murder and a resurrected serial killer. It’s about burns and strangulation and death by a thousand cuts. It’s about the most psychopathic of minds. It’s bananas and then it’s even more bananas and just when you think it couldn’t possibly get more bananas, it does get more bananas! Jennifer (@tarheelreader) described it as Mr and Mrs Smith meets Dexter (read all about that here), and that is just spot-on, I couldn’t summarize it any better than that!
The narrator, David Pittu, did a remarkable job. He really nailed both the male and the female voices and made My Lovely Wife a delight to listen to.

The second bite I have for you today is On My Life by Angela Clarke

On my Life is about an innocent woman who is falsely incarcerated. It’s about murder, it’s about betrayal, it’s about life behind bars, it’s a chilling Orange is the New Black (without the gay action). It is a poignant, menacing, heart-breaking tale, especially because the main character is a smart, educated woman, who is nevertheless rendered completely powerless once inside. It is also a thrilling mystery: who would frame Jenna, who hates her enough do to such a despicable thing?!
The narrator, Sarah Durham, is incredible. She voices Jenna’s inner turmoil perfectly, and really brings her to life. She narrates with such emotion, from joy all the way to anguish, loved it!

Thanks for joining me today! As always, if you want to know more, holler! Happy reading x

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