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Hi and welcome to my review of Abandoned Scotland

Abandoned Scotland is a new coffee table book from my favourite non-fiction publisher, Amber Books, who already taught me all about cats, dogs, horses, snakes, strange animals, Norway, Japan, Africa, the wild and various hidden places as well endangered places around the globe.

Scotland has been on my travel bucket list ever since I read Outlander, and abandoned buildings have always intrigued me, so I jumped at the chance to read Abandoned Scotland by Alastair Horne.

Abandoned Scotland takes its reader on a tour through Scotland, from the mainland to Skye to the Hebrides and beyond. Amber coffee table books usually accompany gorgeous photos by fun facts. There are fewer fun facts in Abandoned Scotland, the information provided is perhaps a tad drier than I’ve come to expect from these books, but I did learn a few things and I definitely poured over some fantastic photos.

I especially loved the castles and the religious places, the lighthouses and the rural structures, in all seasons and against a vastly different backdrop each and every time. Abandoned buildings in fields, in forests and on cliffs, and abandoned boats and even midget submarines on the beach, man-made structures often increasingly reclaimed by nature, it makes for some stunning images.

Recommended to armchair travellers and anyone who is interested in the rich Scottish history.

Abandoned Scotland is out in hardcover on 14 September.

Massive thanks to Amber Books and NetGalley for the eARC. All opinions are my own.

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