2022 Bookish Challenges & Goals – update

Hi and welcome to FromBelgiumWithBookLove where today I’d like to revisit my bookish challenges for this year!

Here’s where I’m at after 4 and half months:

The GoodReads Challenge:

(Being off work so much did do wonders for my TBR. I’m thinking I need to raise the stakes.)

The Series Challenge:

Finish the Shardlake Series:

(Only one more to go, looking forward to it! This is a great series for histfic lovers who aren’t afraid of big books.)

Read the Anna Fekete Series:
The Hummingbird
The Defenceless
The Exiled

(I need to get a move on with this one 😬)

Finish the Sturmtaucher Trilogy:
Flight of the Shearwater
The Turn of The Tide

(Completed. I had the absolute best time with this trilogy. Highly recommended.)

The Stephen King Challenge: Read at least 5 Stephen King novels: 3/5
The Running Man
The Mist

(Going well, it’s been fun dipping into some of the older King stuff.)

The Agatha Christie Challenge: Read at least 5 Agatha Christie novels: 2/5
Spider’s Web
Sleeping Murder

(I haven’t been in much of an Agatha mood lately but I’m looking forward to going back soon.)

The Spanish Challenge: Read at least 10 Spanish books: 5/10
El libro secreto de Frida Kahlo, F.G. Haghenbeck
No Abras Los Ojos (Shut Your Eyes Tight), John Verdon
Bilis Negra, Samantha Devin
Cinder, Marissa Meyer
Killing Eve (Codename Villanelle), Luke Jennings

(Right on schedule, read some pretty good books too, #winning)

The Non-Fiction Challenge: Read at least 5 non-fiction books: 10/5
The Radium Girls, Kate Moore
The Little Book of Sloth Philosophy, Jennifer McCartney
Maus I & II: A Survivor’s Tale, Art Spiegelman
The Little Book of Hygge, Jonny Jackson & Elias Larsen
Get Well Soon: History’s Worst Plagues and the Heroes Who Fought Them, Jennifer Wright
How to be Sad, Helen Russell
How to Stop Overthinking, Chase Hill & Scott Sharp
A Taste for Poison, Neil Bradbury
Killer Fashion, Jennifer Wright
Butterflies: Beautiful Flying Insects, Julianna Photopoulos

(Just like last year, this challenge is getting somewhat out of hand 😄)

The Classics Challenge: Read at least 5 classics / modern classics, including a Dickens and a Shakespeare: 4/5
The Phantom of the Opera, Gaston Leroux
Jamaica Inn, Daphne du Maurier
A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee Williams
The Hunchback of Notre-Dame, Victor Hugo

(Going well but I’ll need to look into that Dickens and Shakespeare.)

The FairyLoot Challenge: Read at least 7 FairyLoot novels: 5/7
The Bright & the Pale, Jessica Rubinkowski
These Hollow Vows, Lexi Ryan
The Gilded Cage, Lynette Noni
Six Crimson Cranes, Elizabeth Lim
Once Upon a Broken Heart, Stephanie Garber

(This was a challenge I kindastruggled with last year but I’ve been having a great time with it this year. Fantastic books too, I preordered the sequels of three of these and I swear it’s not only because of the pretty covers and spredges (#bookishmagpie)😳😂)

The Physical #BeatTheBacklog Challenge: Read at least 7 backlog books that don’t belong to any of the above categories: 5/7
The Glass Woman, Caroline Lea
Twin Truths, Shelan Rodger
The Turn of the Key, Ruth Ware
The Jigsaw Man, Nadine Matheson
Hack, Duncan MacMaster

(Going well, I’m happy with the extra motivation this challenge gives me!)

Thanks for joining me today! Did you set any challenges for yourself, how are you getting on? Challenges or not, happy reading! 📚💜

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