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Merritt Coletto and her husband, Luca, have the life they dreamed of: a coastal home, a promising future, and a growing family. That dream ends with a late-night knock on the door.
Weak, broken, and emaciated, it’s Luca’s first wife, Lydia. Missing for ten years, presumed dead, and very much alive, she has quite a story. Her kidnapping. A torturous confinement that should’ve ended with her dead. And finally, escape. Racked with guilt over the beautiful life they’ve built, Merritt and Luca agree to help get Lydia back on her feet—it’s the least they can do.
But the more enmeshed Lydia becomes in Merritt’s family, the more questions Merritt has. What is it about Lydia that’s especially unnerving? Why hasn’t she gone to the police with her harrowing tale? What does she really want of them? The answers, when they come, are terrifying.
Because Lydia isn’t the only one with secrets. 


Hi and welcome to my review of Unmissing!

The second I learnt Minka Kent had a new novel coming out I rushed to NetGalley and hit that Read Now button. I’ve been a fan of this author ever since her debut and I know I can always count on her for a few hours of thriller fun. 

Unmissing alternates between the POV of Merritt and Lydia, who have one thing in common: a husband. Ten years ago, Lydia went missing, presumed dead and after a while her husband moved on, married Merritt and fathered a daughter. Now, out of the blue, Lydia is back, clearly not dead at all, and she has a harrowing tale to tell and some catching up to do, leaving a heavily pregnant Merritt in a rather awkward position. What ensues is a thrilling tale that never lost my attention, which nowadays is saying something.

I cottoned on to a future reveal really early on, but that didn’t spoil my fun at all cos I really enjoyed the journey to the moment my hunch was confirmed. Moreover, Ms Kent had plenty more where that came from so I did get my WHAT?! moment as well. See, sometimes you can have your cake and eat it too.

Unmissing is the perfect popcorn thriller, and to be clear: I don’t mean that in a derogatory manner. It’s perhaps not entirely plausible, but it’s fast paced and suspenseful, it’s super entertaining and the short chapters alternating between the two women and hinting at secrets to be revealed keep you turning the pages. I blew through it in an afternoon and I had a great time doing so. If you’re in the market for a fun, quick thriller, then do check out Unmissing!

Unmissing will be out tomorrow in all digital formats, audio and paperback.

Massive thanks to Thomas & Mercer and NetGalley for the eARC. All opinions are my own.

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