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Hi and welcome to #TuomainenTuesday! I hope you’ve brought your sunscreen because we’re headed to the hottest beach in Finland! On seconds thoughts, I hope you’ve brought your fleece as well…

I reviewed Palm Beach, Finland last December, it was the very first bite-sized review for the very first #BiteSizeSaturday on my blog, and I’m happy to share it again here and now for #Orentober. In the meantime, there’s been an Orenda Books at Bedtime episode featuring this book, so be sure to click on Antti’s face below!

Welcome to Palm Beach, Finland, the ‘hottest beach in Finland’! This is a darkly funny story featuring an undercover policeman who can’t count posing as a math teacher, an heiress without indoor plumbing, 2 wannabe criminals reminiscent of the goons from Home Alone, a very sweaty hotel owner with very big dreams, a brother seeking revenge, Fitness Barbie and 25.000 euros.

I’ve had this book for a little while (thanks Karen!!) but I was keeping it for a rainy day, for when I needed to cleanse my palate so to speak. And holy flamingo, cleanse it, it did! This is unlike anything I’ve ever read and I had so much fun reading it! The NY Times called Antti the funniest writer in Europe and they’re not wrong; I’m still grinning whenever I think about this book, which is quite often really.

Unique, thoroughly enjoyable and highly recommended!

Over to Karen and the funniest writer himself:

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