The Life We Almost Had by @MsAmeliaHenley #CoverReveal

And I’m back! I don’t usually schedule two posts in a day, but today I had to make an exception, so I could join in a little impromptu cover reveal event, organised by Meggy @ Chocolate’n’Waffles!

Another exception: this is the very first time I’m posting about a romance novel, but there has to be a first time for everything, right? Also, this is one author (and one blogger 😊) I’m happy to make exceptions for!

Let’s start with a look at the blurb:

This is not a typical love story, but it’s our love story.
Anna wasn’t looking for love when Adam swept her off her feet but there was no denying their connection, and she believed they would be together forever.
Years later, cracks have appeared in their relationship. Anna is questioning whether their love can really be eternal when a cruel twist of fate delivers a crushing blow, and Anna and Adam are completely lost to one another. Now, Anna needs Adam more than ever, but the way back to him has life-changing consequences.
Is a second chance at first love really worth the sacrifice? Anna needs to decide and time is running out…
A beautiful and emotional love story that asks, how far would you go for a second chance at first love? Perfect for fans of The Man Who Didn’t Call and Miss You.

I’m pretty sure all you romance fans out there are feeling the familiar bookish itch already, and I have to admit, even I am starting to feel it 😄

So! Are you ready for the reveal???

I’m not sure you are, actually… Why don’t I tell you a little about Amelia first?

Amelia Henley is a hopeless romantic who has a penchant for exploring the intricacies of relationships through writing heart-breaking, high-concept love stories. Amelia also writes psychological thrillers under her real name, Louise Jensen. As Louise Jensen she has sold over a million copies of her global number one bestsellers. Her stories have been translated into twenty-five languages and optioned for TV as well as featuring on the USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestsellers list. Louise’s books have been nominated for multiple awards.
The Life We Almost Had is the first story she’s written as Amelia Henley and she can’t wait to share it with readers.

That’s right: Amelia is Louise! And I am such a fan of Louise’s psychological thrillers so there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that her first romance novel will be absolutely brilliant!

Okay, I have nothing more to tell you, only something to show you, haven’t I! Ready?

No lingering doubts? You really want to see?

Alright, alright, enough with the suspense!


Beautiful, isn’t it 💗 Thanks for joining me! Be sure to show Amelia some love today, it’s not easy being a author these days, with events being cancelled left, right and centre, so I’m sure a little moral support is welcome! Note that you can pre-order The Life We Almost Had here.

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