#TaglineTuesday #Orentober edition 1

I spotted the meme “Books With Good Taglines” on Kristin Kraves Books (ICYMI) and reckoned it would be fun to apply to Orenda books. Like Kristin, I never really paid that much attention to taglines, until I did notice a fab tagline and decided to use it in the title of my review, and now, whenever there’s a tagline, I use it. Orenda books don’t always have taglines, but when they do, they’re really good, so let me show you some of my favourite Orenda taglines! Click on the covers to learn more!

Once crossed wire
Three dead bodies
Six bodies of bleach

A perfect life… until she discovered it wasn’t her own

What turns a boy into a killer?

One body.
Six stories.
Which one is true?

One more little secret
One more little lie

Someone’s mind is playing tricks… but whose?

It’s not just the sea that holds secrets…

That’s it for today, thanks for joining me!

Do you notice taglines? Do they make or break a book, or your decision to pick it up? Let me know below!

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