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You are most certainly not alone. Many people long for a better quality of sleep, however, it’s been made unnecessarily difficult with contradicting advice, thousands of sleep studies and unpronounceable words leaving you more confused than when you started on your quest to simply get a good night’s sleep.
This workbook was written to make things simple and easy to action, with a no-nonsense approach to sleep. The information and advice is easy to follow, light-hearted in nature and will help you achieve the deep sleep that dreams are made of.
In this workbook, we will cover the core areas in your life where change needs to happen, in an approach that is easy to action. Split into three sections: Remove, Improve and Action
Remove: Discusses the habits and lifestyle choices that are having devastating effects on your sleep.
Improve: Covers everyday routines where making simple changes, can enhance and dramatically improve your sleep and in turn your health, happiness and outlook on life.
Action: In line with the philosophy of the STOP!! workbook series, the targets are realistic and actionable to follow, with two action plans to help make the first step to stop waking up tired, a very real and exciting reality and the second step, the pathway to rejuvenating nights of deep, relaxed slumber.
With journal-style questions and prompts throughout the book, as part of the actioning process, STOP!! Waking Up Tired… allows you to get a clear understanding of where you are today, where you can be in a matter of just a few days, and where you could only dream of a few days ago, for a new more energetic and happy future you.
When partnered with other titles within the series, STOP!! workbooks can help you become the person you always dreamed you could be.


Hi and welcome to my review of STOP!! Waking Up Tired … The Beginners Guide to Sleep

Many thanks to Kelly Lacey @ Love Books Tours for the tour invite and FCM Publishing for the eBook!

The invitation to join this blog tour arrived just as I was suffering from another bout of insomnia. Obviously, I took this as some divine sign that I simply had to sign up! While I don’t think STOP!! is super revolutionary and can fix all of my sleep problems, or yours, for that matter, I did find it very accessible, very easy to read and quite helpful.

Sleep is often underrated. It’s only when your sleep quantity and quality are not up to scratch that you notice just how important sleep really is. Especially when you, like me, have a chronic illness that entails chronic fatigue. My energy levels are pretty low at any given time, let alone when I don’t get enough (deep) sleep.

STOP!! confirms that if you’re not sleeping well, you can’t live well. It stresses just how important sleep is by highlighting some of the things that could go wrong in your body due to lack of sleep. Heart attack, diabetes, weight gain, lower concentration levels, depression, you name it and sleep deprivation makes it worse. Even though it’s rather scary stuff and I did know most of it, I did like that this information was included, that there was some (easy to understand) medical background.

STOP!! then proceeds with a test to find out what type of chronotype you are, so you can assess which of the subsequent tips and tricks might work best for you. I do love questionnaires, so I found this really fun to do. (I’m a dolphin, by the way.)

Once you have gained some insight in your sleeping and waking habits, STOP!! walks you through a Remove-Improve-Optimise programme. It talks about the habits and substances that may impact your sleep, and how you can reduce them, or cut them out of your life altogether, and what you might do to further improve your sleep. Some of these I already knew and are pretty straightforward, but people are creatures of habit and I always feel it’s good to take a moment and question what you’re actually doing with that knowledge, are you putting into practice what you know? Having read STOP!!, I think I’m not doing the worst job, but clearly I do have some room for improvement or I wouldn’t suffer from bouts of insomnia, and I will be trying (small steps!) to incorporate some of the tips into my daily life. 

Update: since reading STOP!! and writing up my review, I have been incorporating some of the tips, and it’s made a real difference in falling asleep! I am still working on sleeping through the night…

As with any “self help” book, the tips and tricks mentioned in STOP!! won’t extrapolate to each and every reader, and it does not proclaim it will, either. What it does is offer its reader a set of tools and the incentive to personalise them, to try and make the programme work for you as an individual, to make you stop for a minute and contemplate what targets you want to set for yourself and how you can reach them.

I found STOP!! informative yet never boring, very readable and easily digestible, and easy to put into practice. I will be on the look-out for more books by this author and I would definitely recommend this one to people who have trouble sleeping and/or wake up tired and want to gain some insight into their sleeping habits as well as a starting point to improve them.

STOP!! Waking Up Tired … The Beginners Guide to Sleep is out now. Order your copy here.

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