Stacking the Shelves: FairyLoot Unboxing – September box

Hi and welcome to another FairyLoot unboxing! This month the theme is Witches Be Crazy, how could I say no to that?!

The September box is definitely one of the best boxes this year, especially because the featured book has been on my radar for a while, so I was absolutely thrilled to find it in my FairyLoot box AND it’s a gorgeous edition to boot! Before we get to that, let me show you the goodies:

A handmade cauldron bath bomb! Love it! I put it on the edge of the bathtub and I’m going to leave it there for a while, it’s too decorative to just toss in the bath first chance you get!
A deck of cards in which the jacks, queens and kings are illustrations from Throne of Glass, the featured book, Charmed and Sabrina. I especially adore this Salem card! The edges are shiny and the ordinary cards are beautiful too.
A sticky notepad, stating “You’re just as sane as I am”.

An enamel pin, love it! Metal straws to sip potions on the go (when opening the little pouch I thought these were pencils ?). Not sure yet how I’ll put these to good use… And one of my fave items in this box: the canvas tote bag! It had been announced but it’s much sturdier than I thought it would be, and I absolutely love the design.

One more goody left to show you, and it’s my favourite one:

Fluffy witch socks! I adore the stripy design, like the Wicked Witch of the East’s socks, and the little witch’s hat at the ankle, and they are ridiculously soft and warm and cosy and guys, I’m totes in love 😍

Okay, leaving the socks be for a minute, let’s have a look at this month’s book. It’s about a witch and a witch hunter who are forced to marry each other, it has romance, witty banter, magic and betrayal, and I love it already! The book itself is a thing of beauty, whichever way you look at it. The dust jacket is embossed, it has shimmery edges in a gorgeous golden hue that matches the cover and the signed endpaper perfectly. I’ve tried to capture its beauty on camera and failed spectacularly 🙄

That’s it for today, folks, thanks for joining me! Tell me, would you be as happy as I am with this box? Have you read Serpent & Dove or you planning to? And are you a fan of fluffy socks too? ?
I didn’t order the October box as it has a vampire theme, and although the goodies will probably be awesome (a bookish candle has been announced), I wasn’t interested in the book, or at least not in the description given, so I managed to steer clear of the FairyLoot website. The November theme has just been announced and while it’s seems right up my street (Magical Folk), the description of the book doesn’t really speak to me, so I’ll probably pass on that one too. But well, there’s always December 😁 And in the meantime, happy reading!

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