Stacking the Shelves: FairyLoot Unboxing – September box

Hi and welcome to the unboxing of the FairyLoot September box! The September theme is Under the sea. As I love the sea and siren lore and any retelling of The Little Mermaid, I was hugely excited for this box. However, just like the August box, it’s not my favourite box ever. Overall, though, I am pretty pleased with my loot, and I’m thrilled with the book itself. Let’s have a look!

My favourite item this time around is this beautiful mug, inspired by To Kill a Kingdom. I’m drinking my coffee from this mug as I type this, and I’m sure I’ll put it to good use many times over!

Another item I adore is this keychain inspired by my favourite Disney villain, Ursula. I hear her singing the song every time I look at it (oddly, in my head it’s a mix of Dutch and English, since I’m much more familiar with the Dutch version, having watched it a bazillion times as a kid 😂).

The other goodies are a sea-inspired hair brush (so cute, and it came at the most opportune time, as I was just mentally adding a new hair brush to my shopping list), an Atlantis postcard (which I will be using as a bookmark), a pencil case inspired by one of my favourite under-the-sea novels Sea Witch (it’s gorgeous but I really didn’t need another pencil case) and two metal straws (I don’t use straws of any kind, so these are kinda lost on me).

One item left to talk about, the main event, the featured book of the month:

I LOVE it! This was actually on my radar before I got it, which doesn’t happen often with these bookboxes and I’m always overjoyed when it does. This is a drop dead gorgeous edition to boot, signed by the author and with shimmery sprayed edges, it’s perfection and I can’t wait to read it!

And this is the entire September FairyLoot:

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for joining me today! Would you be happy with this box, is Fable on your TBR? Let me know below!

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