Stacking the Shelves: FairyLoot Unboxing – January box

Hi and welcome to the unboxing of the FairyLoot January box! When it was announced, I wasn’t sure whether the book would be for me, but I did feel drawn to the general theme, namely Moon & Stars, so decided to take a chance and order. I’m thrilled to tell you that the book seems great and, as opposed to last month, I am over the moon (see what I did there) with the goodies! Let’s have a look!

The first item, and one of my favourite items in this box (and ever), is this stunning pillowcase with a quote from Oscar Wilde on the one side and stunning art on the reverse. I’ve already put it in my chair in my reading nook.

Next, we have Moon & Stars paperclips (the front looks like a star, the back like a half moon) and a moon phases necklace that is a lot bigger than what I’d normally wear but pretty so I might wear it anyway. There’s a moon trinket tray that I haven’t given a spot yet, but I will, ’cause it’s beautiful. There’s also an Illuminae Star Notebook that is stunning and makes me wish I was creative enough to make a beautiful reading journal out of it, but I’m not so I’m still thinking of a way to put this to good use, if I don’t come up with anything I’ll probably give it to my eldest niece, as I don’t want it to go to waste in a drawer somewhere. There are also some cute stickers that match the book, I’ll probably give those to my youngest niece.

Last but not least: my favourite items in this box, besides the pillowcase: a dragon keychain and starry fairylights! I love dragons and the colour purple, so this little purple dragon is absolutely perfect for me and I’ve already put my keys on it. The fairy lights are gorgeous, I love fairy lights and I had been thinking about getting some for the bookcase in my book nook, so these come in really handy and I absolutely adore them!

One more thing to show you, and that’s the book. Woven in Moonlight draws inspiration from Bolivian politics and history and the dust jacket has a very South American feel to it. It’s signed by the author, I love that entire page, and the author has also created the artwork on the reverse side of the dust jacket, but it was impossible to photograph. The stickers shown above are snippets of the artwork.

The book itself is black and has an embossed detail of a moon and some stars, absolutely stunning.

And this is the entire January FairyLoot:

And that’s a wrap! Thanks for joining me! Would you be happy with this box? Is Woven in Moonlight on your bookish radar? Be sure to tell me below!

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