Series in the Spotlight #2: Tranquility Trilogy by Linden Chase

Hi and welcome to the second Series in the Spotlight! A while back I talked about Kelley Armstrong’s Rockton series and today I would love to tell you a little more about the Tranquility Trilogy by Linden Chase from Fahrenheit Press.

First of all, take a good look at those covers. It was the cover of Killer Instincts that drew me in, and having read all three, I can tell you that they are simply perfect, they match the atmosphere of the novels to a T and when you’ve read the books, you see that the covers speak volumes about the contents.

It all started with Killer Instincts. In a not too distant future, a reliable test to recognise psychopaths has been developed. Those who test positive are sent to a desert island, where they are to live as a community. The island is named Tranquility, but honestly, how tranquil can an island be when it’s riddled with people with the most violent tendencies?! Journalist Zane King goes to investigate and tries to convince the residents he’s one of them and it’s not long before all kinds of shit hits the fan. There’s bloodshed, obviously, but it never felt overly gory. I posted a full review of Killer Instincts back in February (or rather Fahrenbruary), and I told you then I thought it was a fabulous thriller, a statement I would like to reiterate here and now!

In Killer Intent, Zane King is back on the island of Tranquility. Things have simultaneously changed a lot and stayed exactly the same on this Tranquility 2.0 and it doesn’t take Zane very long to feel like a fish in the water. It also doesn’t take long for all kinds of shit to hit the fan, again! Different this time is that Zane now has a right to be there. As opposed to last time, he did not sneak in. Zane has had the psychopathy test when he was arrested, and he’s tested positive… Killer Intent has the same mysterious Shutter Island vibe as the first book, although I’ve also seen it described as Lord of the Flies meets The Beach, which is also quite apt, although I’ve never liked Lord of the Flies but I do love Killer Intent!

In Killer Impact, the story is nicely wrapped up and reaches a satisfying conclusion. This third instalment has a lot of James Bond-ish action and takes us away from the Tranquility island to another remote location. The tiny little gripe that I had with the first book is resolved too: it is finally revealed how the psychopathy test works and who is behind the whole Tranquility island concept. Killer Impact is an brilliant finale to an brilliant series that I’ve enjoyed tremendously, and that, I feel, deserves a lot more love than it’s getting! So, go on, go give it some love!

The Tranquility Trilogy packs a lot of punch in a rather limited amount of pages so if this is a series that appeals to you, you can easily squeeze them in. This trilogy is just generally awesome, so if you do squeeze it in, you won’t be disappointed! Linden Chase does not mince words and does not mess around, I love her style and I’m dying to know who she really is, because that is a well-kept Fahrensecret!

The Tranquility Trilogy is now available as a boxset from Fahrenheit Press (get it here), but you can also buy the separate paperbacks of course, or the eBooks if you’re so inclined. Don’t forget that Fahrenheit Press will offer you the eBook(s) for free when you buy the paperback(s)!

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