Reality TV just got real: Lie or Die by A.J. Clack #bookreview #LieOrDie

Ten strangers trapped in a television studio
Forty-two remote cameras
One rule: Trust no one
When a casting call is announced for new reality TV show Lie or Die, Kass is tricked into auditioning by her best friend. Big Brother meets Mafia, Lie or Die pits contestants against each other as they try to discover who is a murderous agent and who is an innocent player. But when contestants start to turn up dead (the real kind, not the fake kind), Kass realises that not being eliminated and winning the game is the least of her worries. No longer a game of truth and lies, Kass and her friends are in a fight for survival. ‘Reality’ just got very real.


Hi and welcome to my review of Lie or Die!

Described as The Traitors meets Knives Out by Kat Ellis, I just knew Lie or Die would be right up my street, and when you know, you know, you know? 

I’m terribly fond of locked room murder mysteries and while I’m not much of a reality TV watcher, I am obsessed with The Traitors, so Lie or Die and me? We really were a match made in heaven. 

I had such a brilliant time with it! I flew through it effortlessly, I was caught up in the story from the very first chapter and I got deeper into it with every following chapter. The plan was to read this on the weekend, saving the final chapters for Sunday, allowing me to write a review right after turning the final page, but I literally couldn’t stop reading and I finished it in a day!

While Lie or Die has a cast of young adults, with their accompanying teenage worries, struggles and occasional angst, and may therefore appeal more to readers of YA books, I do feel that Lie or Die has plenty to offer readers who don’t usually go for YA. It definitely has that And Then There Were None vibe going for it, as well as a certain thought-provoking aspect regarding reality TV and its impact on both contestants and viewers.

I found Lie or Die an accomplished debut and I’ve added A.J. Clack to my authors-to-watch list. Lie or Die is an addictive and twisty rollercoaster of a story, oodles of murderous fun, and one I would happily recommend.

Lie or Die is out in paperback on 7 March.

Massive thanks to Firefly Press and Graeme Williams for the paperback review copy. All opinions are my own.

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