#Orentober is here!! Let’s have an @OrendaBooks party! Go #TeamOrenda!

Hi and welcome to #Orentober!

I can’t believe it’s that time of year again! For the third year in a row my #Orentober buddy Danielle (check out The Reading Closet) and I are turning the spotlights on all things Orenda Books. We’re throwing another Orenda Books party and you’re all invited 🎉

Truth be told, with all that’s been happening, the whole COVID-19 situation and my work situation, I’m pretty much beat. Seriously, sometimes I’m surprised I’m still standing. However, it wouldn’t be October without Orenda Books, I had to have an Orentober! So it will be a light version this year, a diet version, with fewer posts but the same immense amounts of love for this brilliant indie publishing house.

As I told you last year: I’ve become rather jaded as a reader and it’s made me a whole lot more appreciative of unique books, original books, books that defy genres, books that ignore moulds and casts, books that politely nod to bookish conventions but remain free spirits, books that acknowledge boundaries and then jump over them dauntlessly, in a word: Orenda books. So let’s take this time to celebrate bold books, and brilliant authors, and the indie publisher who brings them to us.

#TeamOrenda, please unite! Spread the word! Recommend your favourite Orenda book to another reader, share your reviews, old and new, pick up that unread Orenda book from your TBR and talk / tweet / blog about it, add a new Orenda book to your TBR, or better still: add a few! Whatever you do, be sure to use the hashtag #Orentober (and feel free to tag me).

Want to buy an Orenda book? Note that all books can be bought directly from the Orenda bookstore in paperback and digital formats, and they have some lovely merch too, so do pay them a visit. Need any recommendations? Happy to help! Come find me on Twitter or let me know below! (But don’t forget to come back or to tick the Notify me of follow-up comments by email box, cos my answers won’t show up in your WP reader)

What will #Orentober look like on FromBelgiumWithBookLove? There will be reviews, First Line Fridays, Tagline Tuesdays, and a few games too! Please stop by whenever you can, and help me celebrate Orenda Books 📚💜

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