#Orentober is here!! Let’s have an @OrendaBooks party! Go #TeamOrenda!

Hi and welcome to #Orentober!

Honestly, I’ve been feeling like Ned Stark, announcing and announcing and, well, announcing some more, but nothing ever coming and everyone thinking yeah there’s no such thing, this is just a severe case of crying wolf ?

But now, finally, snow autumn leaves have started to fall and #Orentober is upon us!

Ah Orenda Books 😍 I loved them before I even knew they existed! I did some research into my own reading history and my first Orenda book was A Suitable Lie by Michael J. Malone in June 2017. I read several other Orenda books before I noticed that they were all published by the same publisher, and I started to seek them out. Two years later and I’ve read 48 Orenda titles, and loved them all, and if that isn’t cause for celebration, I don’t know what is!

In case you missed my announcement in June: #Orentober is all about turning all the spotlights on all things Orenda Books. Back in February, we had #Fahrenbruary, organised by Mart (The Beardy Book Blogger) and Matt (It’s An Indie Book Blog), and it was bloody brilliant!
Before long, the idea of a similar bookish fest celebrating another independent publisher was hatched.
And now, after all our preparations, including panicky DMs to each other, the time has finally come for Danielle (over on The Reading Closet) and me to officially kick off #Orentober! For one whole month, we’ll be celebrating all things Orenda Books and we sincerely hope all of you will join in the festivities!

Because Orenda Books are awesome and deserve all the bookish love you have to give!

Tweet about Orenda Books, buy an Orenda book (or two or three) and tell the world about it, post or re-post a review about an Orenda book, share our posts, … Whatever you do, be sure to use the hashtag #Orentober (and feel free to tag me).

What will FromBelgiumWithBookLove bring to the table?
Well, I have some reviews in store, some of exiting upcoming releases, some of the Orenda Books backlist, some throwbacks. There will be Music Mondays with the most musical of Orenda authors, Waiting on Wednesdays with fellow bloggers and Orenda Series in the Spotlights. I’ll also have some amazing Orenda authors over for a probing Q&A, I’m talking to Mark Swan a.k.a. kid-ethic a.k.a. the brains behind the gorgeous Orenda cover art, and I’m sitting down with Momma Orenda herself, so stay tuned!

The idea behind #Orentober was also to make a dent in my Orenda TBR. Naturally, I read most of it in advance since that’s the way I roll, but behind the scenes, just for me, I’ll be having a re-read of two beautiful books by Louise Beech (The Lion Tamer Who Lost and Call Me Star Girl) and a re-listen to House of Spines by Michael J. Malone. I hardly ever re-read on account of my TBR glaring at me accusingly when I do and I haven’t re-read a single book this year, but I’m looking forward to losing myself in Louise’s and Michael’s stunning prose.

Want to buy an Orenda book? Note that all eBooks can be bought directly from the Orenda eBookstore! Obviously you can order all other formats from your preferred retailers but my #Orentober partner in crime Danielle had the brilliant idea of referring you to the indie bookstore Bert’s Books, so as to kill two birds with one stone support two indies in one go, so if you’re looking to buy, please consider Bert!

New to Orenda Books and not sure where to start? Give me a wave, tell me your favourite genre, book, author, TV show, whatever and I’ll help you out! (Yes, I do consider myself quite the expert, thank you very much 😄) Here are some thoughts: since it’s not only #Orentober but also #Spooktober, why not pick up The Lingering by SJI Holliday or House of Spines by Michael J. Malone? Seeking chills of a less spooky variety? Louise Voss, Will Carver, Sarah Stovell and Paul Burston have your back! Narcos is your favourite show? Snare, Trap and Cage are just the thing! I could go on and on, and well, that’s basically what I’ll be doing in the coming 30 days!
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