Hi everyone! I’ve been invited by my fab bookish friend Danielle over on The Reading Closet to join her meme #MeetTheBlogger! So today, I’m sharing some random facts about myself, things you probably didn’t know and most likely couldn’t care less about, but I’m sharing anyway ?

  1. Since last year I live in a rather small rural town on the outskirts of Ghent, which is great because I have the peace and quiet of the countryside, plus the views, plus two horses and a couple of sheep as neighbours, but I also have the most gorgeous city within bicycle reach.
  2. I have Multiple Sclerosis, I was diagnosed in 2014, at which point I could hardly walk. These days I’m pretty okay, but I have to watch over my energy levels, so I’d say my MS has made me love books even more: I may be too tired for other things, but I can always read (although sometimes a bit slower if my brain is a bit foggy).
  3. I am a control freak and a worrier, and a bit of germaphobe (but not quite a neat freak). Whenever I hold a library book in my hands, I wonder where that book has been, how many hands have held it, and whether they were clean. Money is even worse, which is why I pay electronically whenever possible.
  4. I love cats and I have a mongrel with some Siamese thrown in named Caramel because of his colouring, although we usually call him Mel. If you follow me on Instagram you will have noticed his Lordship lounging on the couch, while I, his humble servant potter about, since that is the way cats operate. (He’s a spoilt little brat, he is, but I love him to bits).
  5. I’m allergic to dogs. You’d think that would stop me from petting them. Yeah it doesn’t.
  6. I hate flies (who knows where those little feet have been?!) and wasps (since I was stung in my little toe) and I’m a total arachnophobe (I’ve been known to scream and throw a magazine across the room just because there was an unexpected picture of a spider when I turned the page.)
  7. I love my crosstrainer and while I’m working out, I watch Netflix or I do a bit of reading, which works pretty well with an e-reader although the pages look more like an eye test than anything else and I have to turn the page every 5 seconds, but okay, anything to make a dent in the TBR ?
  8. I love dragons. My favourite story from the fairy-tale collection my granddad used to read to me, was about a dragon. I loved Elana Arnold’s Damsel most of all because it had a dragon. My favourite part of Game of Thrones is Daenerys’ weyr of dragons (I had to look that up, apparently a group of dragons is called a weyr, unless they are wild dragons, then they’re a thunder!). This is why I loved Rain’s post about why were are not bookworms but bookdragons! (Although at a pinch I am willing to settle for being called bookwyrm.)

That was it for today! Hope you liked getting to know me a little better and feel free to join in with #MeetTheBlogger! Be sure to leave a comment and let me know what we have in common!

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