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Hi and welcome to the cover reveal of Unhinged!

Unhinged will be the third instalment in the brilliant Blix and Ramm series by Jørn Lier Horst and Thomas Enger, translated by Megan Turney and it is my absolute honour to reveal its gorgeous cover here today!

Let’s start with a look at the blurb:

When a police investigator is killed execution-style and Blix’s own daughter is targeted by the killer, he makes a dangerous decision, which could cost him everything. Blix & Ramm are back in a breathless, emotive thriller by two of Norway’s finest crime writers…
When police investigator Sofia Kovic uncovers a startling connection between several Oslo murder cases, she attempts to contact her closest superior, Alexander Blix before involving anyone else in the department. But before Blix has time to return her call, Kovic is shot and killed in her own home – execution style. And in the apartment below, Blix’s daughter Iselin narrowly escapes becoming the killer’s next victim.
Four days later, Blix and online crime journalist Emma Ramm are locked inside an interrogation room, facing the National Criminal Investigation Service. Blix has shot and killed a man, and Ramm saw it all happen.
As Iselin’s life hangs in the balance, under-fire Blix no longer knows who he can trust … and he’s not even certain that he’s killed the right man…
Two of Nordic Noir’s most brilliant writers return with the explosive, staggeringly accomplished, emotive third instalment in the international, bestselling Blix & Ramm series … and it will take your breath away.

Surely you need some more info about the authors before you see the cover!

Jørn Lier Horst and Thomas Enger are the internationally bestselling Norwegian authors of the William Wisting and Henning Juul series respectively. Jørn Lier Horst first rose to literary fame with his No. 1 internationally bestselling William Wisting series. A former investigator in the Norwegian police, Horst imbues all his works with an unparalleled realism and suspense. Thomas Enger is the journalist-turned-author behind the internationally acclaimed and bestselling Henning Juul series. Enger’s trademark has become a darkly gritty voice paired with key social messages and tight plotting. Besides writing fiction for both adults and young adults, Enger also works as a music composer. Death Deserved, Jørn Lier Horst & Thomas Enger’s first co-written thriller, has sold more than a million copies worldwide, and was a number-one bestseller on the UK, ANZ, USA and Canada digital charts. Smoke Screen soon followed suit. A fourth book in the series is currently underway.

How about some publication dates?

Unhinged will be out on 17 December in eBook, on 1 February in audiobook, and on 17 February (to celebrate my birthday) in paperback.

Right, that’s all the practical stuff out of the way!

After everything I told you, now it’s time to show you, isn’t it!

You ready?

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You sure?

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Well okay then!


Isn’t it beautiful?! I can’t wait to read it! This is such an excellent series! Find out more about Death Deserved and Smoke Screen here and here, and read an excerpt of Smoke Screen here.

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