Happy Thursday! #ThePositivityWave #5

Hi and welcome to the Positivity Wave #5! Once again I’m joining Meggy on her journey to appreciate the little things in life, only this week I’m running ahead of Meggy, because I have a stop on the The Escape Room blog tour tomorrow. Be sure to check out Meggy’s list tomorrow on Chocolate’n’Waffles.

💛 Counting down to my hols! Tomorrow is my last day at work until September!! It’s been ages since I had that much time off work, and I can’t tell you how much I’ve been looking forward it!

💛 Jules (@WritesJules) telling me that she loved my review of Wanderers and then her buying it on Kindle because she couldn’t wait any longer to read it.

💛 Regaining use of my hand after last week’s debacle! The fact that I could do the ironing was actually a happy moment this week! It’s still a little sore but that’s nothing compared to how it was over the weekend.

💛 Receiving a beautiful book for a blog tour

💛 Snapping up some books at bargain prices. Yes, I know I didn’t need any new books, but I’m not one to resist 😬

💛 Reading one of my books of the year, being so into it I had to force myself to put it down at night to get some sleep, I love when that happens.

💛 Talking about graphic novels with Michael (@My_ComicRelief) and getting some great recs.

💛 Talking books with my bookish friends, including one lovely indie publisher, on Twitter.

💛 Getting a few new followers on FromBelgiumWithBookLove 😍 If that’s you: hi and welcome!

💛 Pulling my yellow dress with white polka dots from the washing machine and finding the red ink smear gone.

💛 Nicki and Yvonne enjoying The Willow Woman by Laurence Westwood. Yvo won a copy in my giveaway and Nicki was gifted a copy for review and now they are buddy-reading it 🥰

How was your week, what made you happy? Tell me below, let’s make some positive waves, because misery might like company, but positivity LOVES company 😁😘

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