Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave

Hi and welcome to my very first Positivity Wave post! Today is the first day of a whole week off work, and so the perfect time to join Meggy’s Positivity Wave for the first time! Every week Meggy creates a list of the little things in life that have made her happy, be sure to check out this week’s list here on Chocolate’n’Waffles.

And here are the things that made me happy this week:

Counting down to my holiday!!

Receiving a blog tour book much earlier than expected, diving right in and loving the story. When signing up for blog tours I’m always a bit anxious that I won’t enjoy the book, so every time I do, I’m delighted.

Finally having a finished garden and having nice weather to boot: I spent most of last weekend reading by the pond, and I hope to be doing the same this weekend. Heaven!

The painting works are done on the ground floor of our home, being able to shower in a clean bathroom again is absolute bliss!

Enjoying an impromptu Chinese take-away dinner with my parents.

Receiving my FairyLoot box, earlier than expected and with the most beautiful book ever and lush goodies to boot.

Scheming and plotting with Danielle (@book_obsessed1) for #Orentober.

Announcing #Orentober and basking in everyone’s enthusiasm and Orenda love, and in Karen’s appreciation.

Chatting with my bookish friends on Twitter, who somehow always manage to make me laugh and cheer me up.

Feeling like I’m on the mend and having enough energy to take a long walk with the hubby.

Getting book post from the fabulous Eva! She says this may very well be her book of the year (read all about that here), so I’m going in with A LOT OF expectations!

Bright yellow flowers on my courgette plant (and hopefully tasty courgettes to come)

Hope you had a good week too, my lovelies! What made you happy this week? Tell me below, misery might like company, but positivity LOVES company 😉😘

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