Happy Friday! #ThePositivityWave #6

Hi and welcome to the Positivity Wave! Once again I’m joining Meggy on her journey to appreciate the little things in life, so be sure to check out Meggy’s list on Chocolate’n’Waffles.

Here are the things that made me happy this week:

💛 Norrie telling me she got Tainted Love because of my review ? Now only to make her read it too ??

💛 The week before last I told Zoé that one of my chickens seems to mistake my toes with their bright pink nail polish for berries and that she keeps eyeing my toes funnily, the way chickens do, with like the one eye. On my last day of work before my hols, I was feeling down because of lots of corporate drama when Zoé sent me a message saying she was checking in to make sure I still had 10 toes, and that made me laugh and cheered me right up. Thanks Zoobyzoobydoo 😘

💛 A bit more about that last day. A colleague did something that could have reflected badly on me. I wasn’t to blame at all but I was afraid my boss wouldn’t see it that way. I decided to pre-empt any attacks, and broach the subject, and we ended up having a great talk. Not only did she fully realise my colleague was to blame, she also told me some of my other colleagues had stuck up for me earlier. It was a massive cloud but it had two very bright silver linings, and sometimes that’s all you can ask for.

💛 Best moment of the week: getting in my car and driving away from all the corporate drama, knowing I would not be returning until September!

💛 Saving some beautiful caterpillars everyone else told me to kill. I put them all together on my smallest fennel plant, happy to sacrifice it, but they just ate all the greens and left the actual fennel bulb for us, how considerate! Look at this little guy munching away! They went away to go into chrysalis, and I hope they’re okay, and that they’ll come say hello when they’re butterflies. After all, I’m practically their foster mum, aren’t I! 😁

💛 Rachel for being an awesome person and brightening my days with lovely comments and funny GIFs. I don’t think she fully realises what a truly amazing human / Moomin she is ?

💛 Bella for being fabulous and brave and always thinking about other people’s well-being.

💛 Dancing with Eva on Twitter (we got moves, kids, we got moves 😂)

💛 Eva telling me she bought The Escape Room after my review and Nicki telling me my review of Clear My Name convinced her to add it to Goodreads. Thanks for making my day, my lovely bookish friends 😍

💛 Speaking of, let’s have a shout-out for the bookish community. There are always people complaining about all the drama but you know what? In my little corner of the internet there is no drama! I’ve found so many awesome people this year and I talk to at least one of you at least once a day, and it’s just marvellous, and you are the absolute best!

💛 Dainty little visitors by and in the pond. (And saving two of them from an overly playful cat 🙄)

💛 Having a typically Belgian summer’s day when it feels like you’ve had all four seasons in one single day. That moment when the sun comes out again and warms your skin, bliss!

💛 Nicki adding my little blog to her list of links she’d enjoyed over the week, not once, not twice, but three times! Totally made my day!

💛 Having a little work-out on my crosstrainer. I hadn’t done that since May, I just didn’t have the energy and having a go at it did me a world of good. Like always when it’s been a minute and half since my last work-out there were even some happy tears. You know when people say that physical exercise gives you energy? Yeah well when you have MS it can be the thing that knocks you on your arse for a week or even two. I don’t think I’ll ever get back to working out on a daily basis, let alone for hours at a time, like I used to, but every time I can do a work-out without feeling like wreck afterwards is a definite win.

💛 Finally getting on the right side of 2000 Twitter followers, after skirting that magical number for weeks! I’m not really concerned with the numbers and the stats, what matters most to me is actual interaction, but it frustrated me sooooo much to be sooooo close, but no cigar!

💛 Last but not least: spending some quality time with the hubby 🥰

How was your week, what made you happy? Tell me below, let’s make some positive waves, because misery might like company, but positivity LOVES company ??

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