#Fahrenbruary: looking back on a crazy month of reading noir

As #Fahrenbruary draws to a close, I would like to thank Mart and Matt for introducing me to Fahrenheit Press and Fahrenheit 13. Before #Fahrenbruary was first mentioned, I had never even noticed this indie publisher (I’ve been hanging my head in shame ever since, don’t worry), but these are guys who know their books and so I jumped on that bandwagon as fast as I could. Now that I have spent a month reading quite a lot Fahrenheit titles, I can honestly tell you that I was missing out!

I can whole-heartedly recommend buying books directly from Fahrenheit: it’s bliss from start to finish: from browsing the wonderful site, adding (very reasonably-priced!) books to your cart, earning rewards along the way, to receiving your haul, lovingly packaged, including the cutest tiny skull, to losing yourself in a story or two. Fahrenheit may look tough as nails, but they’re also the guys who thank you profusely for your purchases, who help you out when you’re having a technical issue with an eBook purchase, who reach out to you to have a nice little chat and thank you for your #Fahrenbruary efforts. This is a publisher with a heart, boys and girls, and I am proud to be a Fahrenhista!

It has been an extremely crazy month for me, what with reading as many Fahrenheit titles as I could, writing and scheduling tons of reviews, and my first author Q&A with the wonderful Ariana D. Den Bleyker, but it has been the most fun and I for one am already looking forward to next year’s #Fahrenbruary!

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