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His bestselling author has vanished, he’s under surveillance, and a killer is trying to hack bits off his wife. It’s not easy being a publisher in the 21st century…
Samuel Verso is an ordinary, old-fashioned publisher trying to resist the lure of e-books. As his wife fills the hallway with prosthetic limbs and his business partner is replaced with an exact replica he realises that his problems run deeper than books on a computer screen. But it is only when he is serially abducted, beaten and accused of terrorism that he understands it isn’t that he’s paranoid – it’s that he isn’t paranoid enough.
Soon, his reality becomes as malleable as the genres and narratives of the books that he publishes, fading away to be replaced by the mysterious code. And only the missing author holds the key to the code. 


Hello and welcome to my non-review of Ersatz World!

Do I spot you scratching your head muttering: a non-review eh?

Why yes, a non-review because I cannot possibly write a coherent review about this one, I can’t even begin to tell you how bat-shit crazy this novella truly is!

This is some mind-bending multi-layered stuff, as in: I took the wrong pill, went down the rabbit hole backwards and 2 Mr Smiths were chasing me in half a dozen different scenarios while I’m just trying to find my missing author and keep my emaciated wife from having her limbs hacked off because she’s convinced her real body looks like the Venus de Milo while I have the hots for my secretary who came back from lunch a different woman and oh yeah now the world is in code. Like I said: bat-shit crazy. But so much fun!!

And oh the irony of reading Ersatz World on an e-reader, while our protagonist is spouting a billion reasons why eBooks are inferior!

I loved this little bonkers book and if you’re looking to shake things up a little, then by all means, do yourself a favour and check this one out!

PS: If you’re in need of an actual review, then check out Danielle‘s.

Get Ersatz World directly from Fahrenheit Press here.

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