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Former Scotland Yard investigator Jasper is back on the case, this time in the glamorous and cultured city of Vienna.
The opening of an archaeological exhibition brings with it intrigue and evil as a fabled cursed golden death mask lives up to its dark past and death strikes at the exhibition. While digging up pieces of history, these archaeologists have also been burying secrets – deadly ones – and it’s up to Jasper to uncover the truth before the murderer strikes again.
With a nosy journalist desperate to breathe life into the rumour that the mask brings bad luck to anyone possessing it, and the police eager to blame a famous cat burglar who recently pulled off a string of daring robberies, Jasper is on his own in bringing the true culprit to light.


Hi and welcome to my review of An Exhibition of Murder! First of all, a huge thankyou to Canelo and Vivian Conroy for sending me a NetGalley widget!

An Exhibition of Murder is the fourth Murder Will Follow Mystery, a series of cosy crime mysteries set in the 1920s and written in the spirit of Agatha Christie. You might laugh at me when I tell you that I bless the day I spotted the first one (A Testament to Murder) on NetGalley and decided to click on it, but I do! I’ve been having so much fun with this series, and this latest instalment is no exception. For the record, An Exhibition of Murder can be read as a standalone, because the story itself is a standalone, the slate is wiped clean for every book.

At the heart of this series is Jasper, a retired Scotland Yard inspector. The poor man is trying to enjoy his retirement, travelling Europe, but unfortunately, murder keeps following him wherever he goes. While he could just walk away, he never seems to be able to, solving puzzles is who he is and what he does, it’s part of him.

After the Provence (A Testament of Murder), Greece (Honeymoon with Death) and Venice (Under the Guise of Death), An Exhibition of Murder finds Jasper in Vienna. He’s been invited to an exhibition (bet you didn’t see that one coming), but not any old exhibition, no sirree, but a very prestigious archaeological one in a very prestigious museum. The showpiece is a death mask, rumoured to be cursed, since one of the archaeologists died while excavating it. His two partners have been receiving death threats, blaming them for their colleague’s untimely demise. What happened during the excavation, and who gets murdered at the exhibition, and why? Only one man can find out, since he is the only one dead-set on finding out (you can take the man out of Scotland Yard, but you can’t take Scotland Yard out of the man).

A whole cast of plausible suspects is paraded in front of the reader’s eyes, and a whole array of plausible scenarios are laid out, until this particular reader didn’t know left from right anymore. So yeah, I failed miserably at finding the culprit, but I did have a lot of sleuthing fun!

An Exhibition of Murder is a fun, quick read, and absolutely perfect for shaking up your reading routine. I highly recommend it to fans of Agatha Christie and cosy crime lovers!

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